Kids Learn Essential Water Survival Skills

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YOUNGSTERS had a splashing time and also learned how to save a life during a special session in the Johnstone Community Sports Hub swimming pool.

Part of Renfrewshire Leisure’s Spring Holiday Activities programme at Johnstone was teaching youngsters skills on water survival.

They were shown how to make a DIY float from a pair of trousers that could be used to stop them sinking in the water and how to rescue someone in difficulties using a rope.

And on dry land they were given lessons on how to react if someone becomes unconscious and needs resuscitation using CPR.

But it wasn’t all serious stuff, as the youngsters also had plenty opportunity to splash about the pool and enjoy themselves.

Renfrewshire Leisure’s chief executive, Joyce McKellar said: “The water survival session at Johnstone was lots of fun.

“But there was also a serious side with the youngsters being given basic knowledge on surviving in the water and helping someone who is unconscious.

“Hopefully, they’ll never be called upon to use what they learned, but if they have to, they might just remember what they’ve been taught and one day help save a life.”

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