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General Information

Pay as You Go see below for information on Pay as You Play/Go applicants. This fee also includes an induction (experienced gym users may not require this) to the gym. All new members and Pay as You Play/Go must complete a brief health questionnaire prior to using the gym

Joining has many benefits for your health and fitness. Our membership includes (availability subject to membership category) –

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Pay as You Go (Option for non members)

Our fitness gyms can be used by non members on a 'Pay As You Go' basis. To do this you need to obtain a Gym access Card by paying an administration fee of £15.50 (please note if you decide to upgrade to full membership you will have to pay an additional administration fee of £14.50 which is the difference between the PAYG fee and full membership fee).  An induction may also be booked at the same time, or if you are an experienced gym user and do not require the induction you can get started right away. Thereafter, access to the gym is charged at £5.50 per session and £3.75 for concessions per session (please note there are time restrictions on access with concessions).

Once you join we will talk to you to find out what you want to achieve from your exercise programme and provide you with a tailored programme to get on with. After four to six weeks we will check how you are doing and provide further assistance if you need that bit more help.

Membership can offer you personal training on a one to one basis to help you achieve specific fitness goals you may have in mind.


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