About Renfrewshire Leisure

Providing Sport, Leisure and Cultural Opportunities for the Community

“Renfrewshire Leisure will provide or assist in the provision of facilities for recreation, sport, cultural, social or other leisure time occupation as are beneficial to the community, for the general public in, or in connection with the Renfrewshire area and its neighbourhood in furthering the interests of social welfare.”


The transfer of Renfrewshire Councils indoor sports centres and swimming pools in January 2003 through the creation of Renfrewshire Leisure was the direct result of an earlier strategic study on sports provision in the local area.

From the 1 July 2015 Renfrewshire Leisure took on the management of assets such as Town Halls, Libraries, Museums and Paisley Arts Centre along with Sports Development, Active Schools functions and playing fields.

Renfrewshire Leisure Ltd’s key objectives are:

a. Meeting the Specification of Service as agreed with Renfrewshire Council.

b. To make best use of resources available to improve the quality of our facilities.

c. To provide high quality leisure and cultural facilities and a balanced programme which give value for money and cater for all community groups to ensure no social exclusion.

d. To continuously increase usage by producing and developing projects and initiatives which will enhance the service and benefit the health of the community.

e. To work in partnership with other public, private and voluntary organisations to ensure the best service provision and financial return is achieved.

f. To maximise the potential to secure additional funding in support of the charitable aims of the company.

g. To ensure that service aims meet the Council’s corporate objectives in the delivery of leisure and cultural services.

h. To monitor the service to ensure that statutory obligations are met.

i. To search for more efficient methods of delivering the leisure services and modernising them.

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