Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a complaint, what do I do?  

A: In the first instance raise your complaint with the appropriate Facility Duty Manager, most complaints can be resolved quickly at this stage. If after speaking to the Duty Manager you are still not satisfied, you will be advised on what to do next.


Q: I don't want to become a member, can I come along and pay to use the gym?  

A: Yes you can. You would need to apply for a Pay as You Go card which costs £15.50 (also includes an induction if required)then you can access the gym on casual basis. The card is valid for a year and is renewed automatically unless you inform us of your intention to cancel. The cost for casual access to the gym is £5.50 per session, for concessions and juniors it is £3.75.


Q: I would like to attend one of your fitness classes, can I book in advance?  

A: Yes you can. If you are a member of our Club you can book up to 7 days in advance. If you are a non member you can book up to 2 days in advance. Non members can also purchase a Leisure booking card (valid for a year) which allows booking a class up to 7 days in advance. The cost for the card is £7.80 or £5.00 if a junior or concession. The card can be purchased at any of our centres.


Q: Where can I find out information about birthday parties?  

A: Go to the activities menu and click on Other Activities, this will take you to another page and the information is available on the drop dow list of activities for kids stuff.


Q: I am joining your Club and see that there is an administration fee which includes an induction, do I have to have an induction?  

A: The short answer is no. The induction is optional. However, if you are new to the gym and are not familiar with the equipment, then the induction is essential. If you are an experienced user, then you do not have to go through an induction (you will have to fill out a form though confirming you are competent to use the equipment).


Q: Is lane swimming provided at all your pools?  

A: Yes it is. The community pools at Johnstone, Erskine and Renfrew are all subject to swimming lessons (and centre programmes) and it is advisable to contact the relevant centre before attending to see if a lane is up.  Lane swimming is also available at ON-X Linwood and the Lagoon - contact the centre for details of times.


Q: How do I cancel my Club membership?  

A: You must notify us in writing at least 1 month before the end of the membership agreement you have with us. This can be done via our website by clicking here or by writing to -
Membership Section, Lagoon Leisure Centre, 11 Christie Street, Paisley  PA1 1NB


Q: Where can I learn to swim?  

A: We have an extensive swimming lesson programme running at our five pools - Lagoon, ON-X Linwood, Johnstone, Erskine and Renfrew. Click here for details of our Learn to Swim programme


Q: Can I join and use all activities for a single monthly direct debit payment?  

A: Yes ! We have launched a new Club Card which lets you pay a monthly direct debit and enjoy swimming, aerobics classes and use of our Fitness Suites throughout our facilities across Renfrewshire. For further information please click here.


Q: Where are the Renfrewshire Leisure Main offices?  

A: Our main headquarters are in Renfrewshire House, however, we do have staff located in all centres.


Q: Is Renfrewshire Leisure just a department of Renfrewshire Council?  

A: No. Renfrewshire Leisure are a Charitable Organisation set up with the sole purpose of promoting and running Leisure Services in Renfrewshire. The Council essentially contract us to run their centres.

Q : What does this transfer of cultural services mean to me.

A : Initially the aim is for a 'business as usual' transfer so customers of the existing services transferring such as Libraries, Town Halls, Art Centre, Museums etc will see no difference, however over time we would like to improve these services further and welcome suggestions on how we can achieve this. Customers and local groups are asked to complete a 'contact us' form on this site with their suggestions                                                 

If this section doesn't answer your question, and you cannot find      the answer throughout the site, please contact Customer Services Officer  by clicking here

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