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Beat the Street and Bikeability combine at St Fillans Primary

Beat the Street and Bikeability combine at St Fillans Primary

Primary 7 Pupils at St Fillan’s Primary in Houston are currently participating in Bikeability Level 2 on-road training. With Beat the Street starting on Wednesday 15th Sept the pupils were able to combine both initiatives and whilst heading to and from their on-road cycling area they were able to scan beat boxes en route.

St Fillans are very proactive in encouraging active travel to and from school and the pupils have been looking forward to completing the on-road training which had been delayed from earlier in the year. With Beat the Street coming to the area for the first time the children will be able to practice their newly learned skills whilst taking part in the game over the next 5 weeks.

Craig Dalziel –Engagement Coordinator for Beat the Street and Bikeability Coordinator for Renfrewshire Leisure said: “I am pleased that we have been able to merge both initiatives together at St Fillans. The pupils were really excited when they heard Beat the Street was coming to the school and the wider community. They have been out and about on their bikes at the weekends with their families as well practicising their Bikeability skills. We are looking forward to continuing with Bikeability and continuing to promote Beat the Street to other classes through the “Walk on Wednesdays” where I will continue to support the school.”

Claire Mackenzie – St Fillan’s Head Teacher said “‘The whole school community of St. Fillan’s have been very excited and enthusiastic to take part in the ‘Beat the Street’ initiative. Our families have been keen to choose more sustainable and eco friendly forms of transport such as walking or cycling to help boost our schools points total! ‘Beat the Street’ has encouraged our school community to nurture their health and wellbeing through staying fit and active and reconnecting with one another in the great outdoors. The children in each class have been taking part in ‘Wellbeing Wednesday Beat Walks’ to explore the local area and earn points. We are grateful to Craig who supports our Bikeability training and the children have been using the opportunity to use their fobs when out and about on their bikes.’”

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