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Zoom in and click the orange pins to discover all the different creative ideas... Find one you'd like to try out and have a go!

Fun Palaces is a UK-wide campaign for community at the heart of culture. Fun Palaces are about anyone and everyone sharing their interests, skills and the things that they love doing, trying out new activities and ideas; bringing people together to make and strengthen local communities.

Each year Fun Palaces pop up all over the place during the first weekend of October. This year everything is slightly different! Our Renfrewshire Fun Palace is here, online – and rather than just being able to join in over one weekend – you can take part anytime!

We’ve made all the activities into PDFs so you can download them and print out to share with people offline. Click on the pictures below to do this!

Perhaps you could get some of your family involved too – and all make something together; or send the link to some of your friends, and ask them to join you in taking part... sharing creative ideas and staying well from the comforts of your own homes.

We’d love to see what you make. We’d also love to share your creations on this map – and begin to generate our online Creative Community Gallery. If you can – take a picture of what you make and send it to: or upload your photo to social media using the hashtag #TinyRevolutionsRen

You don’t need to send in your name if you don’t want to – but please give us a postcode to go with your photo – so that we can add your creations to a spot on the map. (That’s what the blue pins are!)

We also plan to create a real life gallery – printing out the photos that get sent in and putting them up in either the windows of POP (in The Piazza, Paisley) or on railings outside one of our venues.

black history month

Design Your Own Family Crest with Pachedu - School of African Cultures

drawstring bag

ReMode’s easy-to-make Drawstring Bag

comic character

ARTBOSS & Charlotte Cabrie show you how to create a comic character

Body Alphabet

Dance Your Name with Right2Dance

Instruments made from trash

Trash Can Instruments with Erskine Arts 

painted pebbles

Pebble Painting by Tiny Revolutions


Make Your own recycled Window Bunting


Stop Frame fun with Mindspace


Twisted Braids with Knitting on Cloud 9


#SharetheLove with Who Cares Scotland


Lockdown Labryrinth with Star Project

lion craft

Make a buddy for Buddy!

album artwork

Make your own Discs with Mindspace

mini zine

Make a Mini-Zine with Kairos 

bees craft

Have a Busy Buzzy Time!

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