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Lauren & Spencer


New mum Lauren and her adorable baby son Spencer attend Renfrewshire Leisure's Buggy Friendly classes and also enjoy spending time in the swimming pool. 

Lauren says that at Renfrewshire Leisure "everyone is really comforting and makes us feel really welcome." 

Our Buggy Friendly classes mean that Lauren can come and enjoy a workout and bring Spencer along with her, meaning she can keep up with her fitness regime all whilst not having to worry about childcare. 

At Renfrewshire Leisure, we offer free swims for babies under 1 years old. This is something that Lauren and her partner use often as Spencer loves his time in the pool!






Paul enjoys that Renfrewshire Leisure has a gym that is local to him and all of the services fit in to how he likes to tailor his workout. 

In the last 12 months, Paul has lost just over 2 stone in weight, and this is something that he credits Renfrewshire Leisure in being a huge part of. 

Paul describes his experience of the gym at Renfrewshire Leisure to not only be about his workout, but that it is also about the other members and the gym staff, who he gets on really well with.




Stephen & Ann

Stephen and Ann joined Renfrewshire Leisure with the idea that it would be a short-term thing until Ann's knee injury got better. Fast forward to now and they just can't get enough! 

They have both developed a love for the gym and this was encouraged by the help they received from the gym instructors, including finding out what the couple wanted to gain from attending the gym and providing them with tips and guidance on what they should be doing. 

Ann is asthmatic and since joining she no longer has to use her inhaler, and both have experience weight loss with Ann loosing 3 stone and Stephen 1 stone.

The couple are in it to stay on top of their health and have a laugh - but of course it is never a competition between them both...!




Katie feels that she has really benefited from using the facilities at Renfrewshire Leisure, in particular the On-X Linwood.

These facilities have helped her to rebuild her fitness, and between exercising and a change in diet she has managed to lose over 10 1/2 stone since August 2018! 

She is now running a 5k twice every week as well as attending 3 fitness classes.

Katie was very hesitant to start the gym, but she has found it to be a very supportive environment at Renfrewshire Leisure.



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