Invisible Lands

When: Thursday 7 February 2019 19:30:00
Cost: £10 (£6 conc) +bkg fee*
Where: Paisley Arts Centre

When war knocked on our door we left our home behind. We looked ahead and started walking, tiny TV screen figures wandering a large and unforgiving world... 

Our bodies are our homes, the landscape of our lives. Private vulnerable places, to be protected and cherished. By using bodies as visceral, organic performance platforms, geography and politics are physically extended and emotionally transformed. The familiar becomes unknown, the intimate an open space. 

In a unique meeting between puppetry, physicality, choreography and video projections, lines of people struggle up the hill of a bent back, a make-shift boat and people in the water drift on a sea-blue painted belly. We look through binoculars across a border zone. In a military helicopter we track the homeless. We witness the chaos-filled journeys into exile of displaced people all trying to save their skins. 

Since its premiere eighteen months ago this innovative production has been highly acclaimed by international audiences. It reminds us powerfully that our opinion of refugees is largely a matter of choosing our point of view. These people - anyone, anywhere, anytime - are not other. Under different circumstances they are us. 

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