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Renfrewshire Leisure Swimming Lesson Membership

Renfrewshire Leisure is now offering a swimming lesson membership option which offers considerable benefits over the current pay per block system, and it’s so easy to join.


  • Renfrewshire Leisure will provide a minimum of 48 lessons per year.
  • Continuous lessons during holiday periods.
  • 12 Free family swim passes for all RL pools value £114.00.
  • Easy direct debit payment method.
  • Cost of lessons spread throughout the year.
  • Seamless pathway through class levels.
  • No need to queue to re-enrol - Discount on each block of lessons, up to £36.96 per year.
  • Total value of benefits is over £170.00.


Renfrewshire Leisure will now run six, eight week blocks of lessons throughout the year. Lessons will stop for Three weeks over the Christmas break and for one week in the July block after week Four

Of the 48 lessons you only pay for 45 lessons, - meaning your child can miss three lessons for holidays or illness at no cost to yourself.

Any lessons missed through pool closures or public holidays will mean a reduced direct debit the following month to account for the lesson missed.

Every month you will receive a free family swim pass to use at any pool. The family swim passes are for two adults and two children and can be used any time within the year.


Half Hour lessons
First payment of £14.10 payable by card or cash then a monthly Direct Debit of £14.10 per month payable on the third of every month.

A saving of £18 per year.


Hourly Lessons
First payment of £28.20 payable by card or cash then a monthly direct Debit of £28.20 per month payable on the third of every month.
A saving of £36 per year.

You can sign up by contacting the membership team at your local pool or at one of our information sessions at the pool.

Other Lessons

Adult Lessons

Adult Lessons are available in three of our swimming pools.   These are Renfrew Baths on a Tuesday from 7pm - 8pm and Erskine Pool on a Wednesday from 7pm - 8pm and at Johnstone Pool on a Monday from 7pm - 8pm.  Please contact your nearest swimming pool on 0300 3000 250 for bookings.

The cost is £46.50 for 4 x 1hr lessons.  All abilities are welcome.

General Information for parents

  • Children under 8 years old must not enter the water or remain in the water out with their lesson time unless accompanied by a parent who has purchased a valid swim ticket.
  • If your child has a medical condition or any disabilities that may affect their swimming please explain this to the receptionist when registering them.
  • Regular visits to the pool will help children achieve the benefits from their lessons.
  • Spectators are not allowed on poolside while the lessons are in progress.
  • The use of personal video or photographic equipment is strictly prohibited during lesson times.

Please Support Us

As a charity, our services help people live healthy, happy and fulfilled lives. A donation to Renfrewshire Leisure will help us continue to provide charitable services across our communities.

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