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Makeup Tips and Tricks

We know that makeup and skin care can be quite a daunting prospect for anyone who hasn’t mastered the art of painting their face. EVE Spa’s Beauty Therapist and Makeup Artist, Abbie Mcinnes, has some advice to help out all you ladies new to makeup, or anyone simply looking for some useful pointers to achieve that flawless look.  People usually stick to what they know with makeup as they can be overwhelmed with all the products and looks that are out there. Abbie believes that you should not be scared to try new things and that makeup is all about personality and being creative.

Here are Abbie’s Top Ten Tips....

  1. Always do eye makeup first! This means that you can go back and correct any mistakes, like smudges and eye shadow fall out without affecting your face makeup.
  2. To ensure accuracy when applying makeup, why not try using masking tape as a guideline for applying eye liner? This is a great tool for those of you with a not so steady hand. This nifty trick can also be used when applying eye shadow to help achieve that clean cut look and guarantees an even look on both eyes.
  3. We all struggle to hide those under eye bags or dark circles so Abbie recommends using a peach or pink tone to help neutralise the colour and then apply concealer to cover up the dark circles.
  4. Using a nude or white pencil instead of a dark pencil for your bottom eyeliner can really aid in brightening red or bloodshot eyes. This trick can also help in making your eyes seem bigger.
  5. That nude or white pencil will come in handy again when trying to ensure that you get the best colour result for your eyes. Use the white pencil as a base all over the eyelid before applying the eye shadow on top. This will allow it to last longer and bring out the pigment, enhancing the colour and allowing your eye shadow to pop.
  6. False lashes can play a huge part in finishing off your look and can be a great accessory for those people who don’t like to wear too much make up. Although applying false lashes can be a time consuming and stressful procedure for a lot of people but it really doesn’t have to be. Abbie recommends using tweezers, applying the glue and waiting 30 – 40 seconds until the glue goes tacky, positioning the lashes in the middle of the eye and as close to the lash line as possible and using the tweezers to fit the lashes into place.
  7. Many people struggle when it comes to finding the perfect foundation colour match. This is usually down to where they are applying the foundation. As your neck is less exposed to the sun than your hand or wrist, it’s the best place to test foundation when trying to ensure a true colour and perfect blend while also avoiding that horrible line we see far too often.
  8. Finding the right foundation for your skin type can also be a tricky task. For those with oily skin, try to use a matte foundation and a powder as well. Abbie suggests avoiding using dewy foundations to ensure more coverage. For people who tend to have dry skin, use a lighter more dewy foundation with moisturising ingredients or a BB cream and a moisturising primer. If you have more mature skin, avoid using matte foundations as these tend to settle in fine lines rather than hiding them and instead go for a dewy foundation which will help bounce light off the skin creating that lovely skin glow.
  9. Everyone wants those fuller lush lips and there are few tricks you can do to help achieve that look. One way to make your lips appear larger is to use a lip pencil, just outside the natural line and then use the pencil all over the lips before applying lipstick or gloss which will help to achieve that fuller look.
  10. Beauty blenders are a must! After applying your foundation with a brush, slightly wet your beauty blender and pat your skin, this will help to push the makeup into the skin and give a more natural look. This can also be used for your concealer.

EVE Spa is offering a limited time offer on prom make-up with the launch of their Mii makeup range. Here is Abbie demonstrating some prom style make-up. Abbie focused on strong eye make-up with a smoky eye, dewy foundation for the skin with some subtle contouring and a natural look for the lips with a rosy pink colour. 

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