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Welcome to our online fitness class channel, where you will find a range of classes delivered by our fitness instructors for you to try at home.

Ballroom Fitness with Jo

Ballroom fitness is a combination between ballroom dancing and aerobics.

Body Attack with Lesley

Body attack is a high-energy class which combines athletics movements such as lunging and jumping with strength exercises such as squats and push-ups.

Body Combat with Lesley

Body Combat is a fun, empowering cardio workout which is influenced by martial arts.

Body Pump with Emma

Body Pump is a barbell-based resistance workout designed to shape and tone your entire body as well as increase core strength.

Boxing Circuits with Emma

Boxing Circuits features boxing training exercises performed in a circuit with small rest periods in between.


Circuits with Alan

Circuits is a high-intensity workout which involves performing different exercises as many times as you can within a set amount of time.


Dance Fit with Liz

Dance Fit incorporates many forms of dance in a full body aerobic workout.


Freestyle Fitness Yoga with Diane

Freestyle fitness yoga uses all the normal techniques and poses of yoga, but is approached using fitness methods.


Gentle Keep Fit with Emma

Gentle Keep Fit is a low impact but lively exercise class.


HIIT with Alan

HIIT (high-intensity interval training) includes intense bursts of exercise followed by short recovery periods.


Pilates with Lydia

Pilates is a range of low-impact exercises designed to strengthen muscles whilst also improving posture and flexibility.


Sosa Fitness with Jo

Sosa fitness is a fusion of dance, combining latin, salsa, ballroom and other international dance styles.


Tone with Chrissy

Tone integrates aerobic exercise with resistance training, stretching, and mobility work.


Yoga with Mags

Yoga is both a body and mind workout, which focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing.


Zumba with Jo

Zumba is a type of dance fitness that incorporates latin-inspired dance moves and music.

More classes coming soon!

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