Why team work makes the dream work when it comes to fitness

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A recent study by the University of Aberdeen reported that finding a fitness buddy would result in you doing more exercise than you would if you were to train solo.

That certainly explains the phrase 'team work makes the dream work' - but how can teamwork help you achieve your own fitness goals?

Finding the right Fitness Buddy 

First of all, it's all about choosing the right person to work out with. But where do you start? Our advice would be to choose someone who shares your motivational style. For example, would you work out harder for a drill sergeant buddy or a cheerleader? It's important you and your partner's workout styles match.

It's also important that your partner has similar fitness goals to you and a positive attitude when it comes to working out. An ideal team mate is dependable, enthusiastic and hard working: someone who won't let you cancel a gym session when you're tired or feel too busy to fit exercise in.

That last point about schedules is also very important. A friend that works night shift when you work 9 - 5 will make finding time to train almost impossible. Try to find a partner whose schedule is compatible with yours and you'll find time to work out easy!

Make the most of being in a team 

Two pairs of feet mean you can add so much more variety to your gym workout. Claire, our Gym Manager at the Lagoon Leisure Centre has suggested a few cardio, body weight and functional exercises that can only be done as part of a workout pair.

Medicine Ball Squat Pass

Work the legs by doing squats with a medicine ball then work the chest by passing the ball to your partner for them to do the same. Repeat for 10 reps.

Medicine Ball Oblique Pass

Sitting back to back, pass the medicine ball by turning the waist 90 degrees to meet your partner. Repeat for 10 reps.

Medicine Ball Overhead Pass with Squat

Standing back to back with your partner, squat low to pass a medicine ball between your legs then stretch up to receive the ball back in an overhead pass. Great for toning legs, arms and shoulders.

Plank + Burpees

One person planks while the other does burpees at their feet, jumping over their feet between burpee jumps. Time for 1 minute then switch.

Plank + Sprint Shuttle Runs

One person planks while the other does short sprint shuttle runs. Time for 1 minute then switch.

Push Up High Fives

Press up into plank position before lifting a hand to high 5 your partner. Remember to alternate the hand you use to high 5 and keep in sync with your buddy!

Boxing Drills

A workout buddy is also a great sparring partner. Set up with boxing pads and gloves and do 60 seconds of jab, hook, uppercut and cross punches then switch.

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