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This work is an attempt to connect our immediate environments with what we long for in the distance through an exploration of mapping and memory. In this personal reflection of place, Gudrun Soley Sigurdardottir invites you to consider what you hold closely and what is at the edges of your reach.

Now That The Light Is Fading is best experienced through headphones and by sitting somewhere you have never sat before. In a foreign place in your own home. Gudrun hopes this piece allows you to view things differently.

Gudrun Soley Sigurdardottir is an Icelandic performance maker and director based in Glasgow. Her performance practice questions authenticity, the rehearsed live moment and ideas around theatrical deconstruction. Most recently Gudrun has performed her work at The Tron, Battersea Arts Centre, Toynbee Studios, The Yard, BUZZCUT and GIFT Festival. She directs work in multiple contexts including community halls, schools, prisons, hospitals and theatres across Glasgow and internationally. Gudrun has a particular interest in the social value of art and through her directing practice she devises and delivers work that engages and benefits young people as well as communities.



“We don’t just passively perceive the world, we actively generate it,” Anil Seth.

Lucid dreaming can take years to master and can be a lonely experience. David A Pollock would like to invite you on a guided lucid daydream. Starting off in your own home we’ll confirm you’re awake with some simple tests before closing our eyes to experiment with our capacity to conjure our own reality through sound and visualisation. We’ll invite the outdoors in.

There’s a door inside your mind and I’ve got a big bunch of random keys that I found. Let’s see if one of them opens it.

David A. Pollock is a musician, composer and sound designer with a strong connection to nature and organic audio. This evidently infiltrates, influences and inspires his soundscapes and musical works. Utilizing found objects to create sound effects separates David from most of his contemporaries and his obsession with keeping things live preserves the risk and energy that has always made theatre so vital.




An address to the nation from beyond the drains…from those that scuttle, crawl, scratch, chew, hoard, bite and before this moment in time, may have been overlooked…RATS! is an audio piece for the senses that dives down the drains and into the sewers.  Featuring concept/voice work by Katy Dye supported by recording assistant Adam Paroussos.

Katy Dye is a performance artist who creates work that investigates difficult aspects of human nature. Her performances are often highly physical, making use of the body, choreography and materiality. Recent projects include her award winning production of Baby Face, a solo theatre/dance performance exploring the infantilisation of women(★★★★ The Guardian). She often collaborates with Glasgow based performance artist Craig Manson with whom she has created/produced The Memoirs of a Fag Hag (The Yard Theatre, 2019) and GAYBOYS (funded by Creative Scotland, developed at Tramway/Platform 2020). Her new project, Climate Grief Karaoke is due to premiere for audiences in 2021.




A cautionary tale about a lonely woman named Elizabeth. Elizabeth craved for connection so she downloaded a mindfulness app but things got out of hand when she started connecting to things that couldn’t love her back.

Leyla Josephine is a writer based in South Ayrshire. Her 2019 solo show Daddy Drag was winner of the Autopsy Award supported by FERAL and Summerhall. Her 2017 show Hopeless was runner up for Best Spoken Word Show at the Saboteur Awards. In 2014, she won the UK National Spoken Word Slam and was runner up for the 2018 National Scottish Poetry Slam. She’s currently working on two upcoming short films: Groom, funded by BFI and Screen Scotland, and Dinghied, supported by Creative Scotland. She is currently Schools Writer in Residence for Edinburgh International Book Festival. She loves wine, Abba and chatting to her house plants.




Chewing is sacred to me. What would your sacred be?

Mac was primarily an installation artist, often site specific. She explored and brought attention to things often overlooked: the fabric and structure of a space, how it was traversed or perceived and its history.

Her life and work have changed. Mac became disabled in 1991 and subsequently ill.  She now creates works using domestic items which are discarded such as chewing gum. The act of chewing is sacred to her. It reflects her ability to speak and create in three dimensions - not just in her head. This piece is about listening, observing and finding sanctuary in the things we do every day.




Since January 2018, Peter has been making sure that his first child Skye, has got off to sleep as best as he can, but it hasn’t always been easy. In fact, sometimes it has been absolute hell. In this intimate and warming recording, Peter has taken the time to reflect on this experience of bed-time routine, and  as an act of marking it has lovingly worked with Skye to offer a routine for you, for before you go to sleep.

Created using recordings with Skye both awake and asleep, they both hope that The Quieter You Are, The More You Can Hear comforts you in the small hours before sleep.

Peter McMaster is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Bowling, West Dumbartonshire, Scotland. His award-winning practice ranges from intimate solo performance works, large ensemble theatre pieces and land-based installations. He is a lover of the local, the amateur and the outside. His works have travelled extensively nationally and internationally, but since becoming a father in 2018, he has sought to relocate his practice closer to his family and his home.


As the artist prepares to move from her long-term home city of Glasgow to the Outer Hebrides, she explores the idea of home and the notion of re-location. How do we locate ourselves in mutable surroundings and what constitutes home? Using the verb to “relocate” as a structure to explore text and sound, the artist will create a piece, which weaves personal memories of place and people with spoken word, field recording & electronic sound.

Alicia Matthews is a Scottish artist primarily working through the medium of sound.  Currently, Alicia’s practice is informed by research into haptics and the dichotomy of lived experience between synthetic and natural environments. Most recently, Alicia has been developing a project for film with collaborator Robbie Thomson that juxtaposes the megalithic standing stones in Callanais, Lewis with the stone circle       in Sighthill, Glasgow (built in 1979).   The film is from the perspective of the Goddess Brighde who has recently returned to Earth from ∞.

Other musical projects include SUE ZUKI, LAPS, Organs of Love & a monthly residency on NTS Radio.




Memorylink ™ - Your Immersive Audio Avatar. Escape the restrictions of the present by exploring the freedoms of the past!

Paula Varjack imagines a sonic technology designed for a future after several successive pandemics, where the only way to experience going out, is by downloading memories of anonymous individuals from the past. In a free trial of the Memorylink ™ service, an introductory menu takes you through two teaser options of avatar PV0023, to experience a riverside afternoon in Lisbon, and the peaking early hours of a warehouse club in Berlin.

Paula Varjack is an artist working in performance, video and participation. She makes work as a way of making sense of and communicating with the world. In every show she makes, she aims to find the balance between making audiences question themselves, and feeling like they have had a fun night out. She uses storytelling to take audiences on a journey, shining light on what some might find uncomfortable, or may not have contemplated before. She is a London Pleasance associate artist and a Barbican Open Lab artist. She has been commissioned to make work by The Barbican, Battersea Arts Centre, Camden People’s Theatre, Fuel, The Marlborough, Attenborough Centre for the Arts, Upstart Theatre, Beam, and First Draft Cabaret.

She is the creator of the Anti-Slam a satirical take on Poetry Slams where the lowest score wins. In addition to creating, she facilitates writing and performance workshops with a wide range of age groups, and mentors emerging artists on developing their creative practice. Born in Washington D.C. to a Ghanaian mother and a British father, out of many places she has lived she considers east London to be "home".


In 1977, NASA sent two Voyager shuttles into space carrying the golden discs which contained sounds and images from Earth depicting the human experience. It was believed that if any life form beyond our Solar System discovered the discs, they would know we existed. But is it possible to truly distill, display, and archive what it means to be human through sounds and images?

Voyager is a dramatized audio experience that tells the story of two woman as they grapple with the nature of our existence.


When Stars Align

"All adventures begin with a dream…” Silli the Starseeker has crash landed at Coats Observatory in Paisley. Join Silli and Janet Coats on their uplifting cosmic adventure – battling the menacing Lord Hamilton and the fearsome Nothingness – and reigniting the true spirit of this extraordinary town. Created by Interabang Productions



Screen Time is a short film that talks about the coronavirus lockdown and the impact that has had on people’s mental health. Similar in style to their award-winning debut film ‘The Brave’, Screen Time is a new Scottish poetic monologue that aims to reflect the experiences of many people during lockdown.


When Stars Align Trailer

All adventures begin with a dream…” Silli the Starseeker has crash landed at Coats Observatory in Paisley. Join Silli and Janet Coats on their uplifting cosmic adventure – battling the menacing Lord Hamilton and the fearsome Nothingness – and reigniting the true spirit of this extraordinary town. Bookings close on October 8th and you’ll then be sent instructions on how to download your family activity pack.


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