Paisley West Community Sport Hub funding Voting begins "NOW"

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Paisley West Community Sport Hub funding application's been submitted to get the Hub up to £25,000 of funding to help purchase equipment for Sport Hub open days that would be free and cornerstones of a proposed 'Month of Sport'.

It'd be equipment like an inflatable 'Speed Cage' where you can test how fast your shot is with a football/ Tennis ball/ Cricket ball / Rugby ball etc. We're looking at outright buying this and branding it with our logos, as well as hiring Tennis/ Cricket/ Rugby/ Golf / Basketball / Football / Hockey specific equipment. They'd be used for the 'Month of Sport' and then after that, we'd have something that could be used at events like the 10k, any school competitions, sports days or gala days.

However, to get listed as a finalist for the funding, the project needs to get as many votes as possible from a public vote that's running from today, October 21st until November 18th. Each voter gets 10 votes to use.

So, ideally, if we all use our 10 votes for the Sport Hub project, along with all the Hub members across all 6 Hubs, everyone involved within those clubs plus the general public, I reckon we should be able to achieve the numbers we need. Previous winners of the £25k had voting numbers of between 4,000 and 10,000 votes so that's pretty achievable if we all use 10 votes each for the Hub project.

The link is down below so please vote! Or, you can search 'Renfrewshire Community Sport Hub Days' on the main voting page. And please forward this on to anyone else that you think could vote for the project.

Any questions or if you want more information, feel free to ask me.

David Cogan
Community Sport Hub Intern 

0141 842 3000

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