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Achieve your goals faster with our experienced and knowledgeable personal trainers.  

Our personal trainers will offer you support and motivation to help you reach your fitness goals.  No matter what your level, whether you have just started out or have been training for a long time, your personal trainer will tailor a programme to suit your needs and ensure training is both effective and fun.

Working with a personal trainer has a number of valuable benefits;

Personalised Workout - Your trainer will devise a training plan and exercises specific to you and your needs.

Instruction - Our trainers are qualified fitness professionals and will be able to show you the correct way to perform exercises

Motivation - Your trainer will help motivate you to achieve your goals.  Even when you are working out on your own, the knowledge that you have something to prove to your trainer will spur you on.

Efficiency - Your trainer will guarantee you get the most out of your 60-minute workout.



What facilities can I book Personal Training at?

We have personal trainers based at all of our facilities that have gyms inclusive - Lagoon, On-X Linwood, Renfrew Sports Centre, Johnstone Community Sports Hub, Erskine Community Sports Centre and Ralston Community Sports Centre.

How do I purchase a Personal Training session or block?

Visit reception in any one of the six centres that offer Personal Training. An available PT instructor would be identified by the reception team. Should a PT instructor not be available to discuss at that point, a contact number would be obtained and passed on to PT instructor. Following confirmation of availability, the PT block would be purchased at reception at the relevant site of delivery and/or staff member.

Can I book a Personal Training session at any time when the gym is open?

Yes - dependent on trainer availability.

Will I meet my trainer before our first session?

Yes - the PT instructor would have some sort of consultation either face to face or by telephone to identify goals, targets and also any restrictions including availability, medical conditions etc. As a member of our gyms, you should have already received interaction with our trained professional gym staff through the Reach Your Goal programme and this will help you get started with your trainer.

If I book a block, do I need to have each session at the same centre?

No - as long as your instructor is available to meet you at another centre, this is absolutely fine.



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