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refugee week

Renfrewshire’s Refugee Week Cultural Programme has been curated by the Ethnic Communities Cultural Steering Group. In 2020 a subgroup of diverse partners from across Renfrewshire worked together to co-produce the inaugural Cultural Programme for Black History Month 2020: Our Culture, Our Future. Building on from the online programme’s success, the subgroup has developed into a Cultural Steering Group and are now working collaboratively to co-produce, programme, and curate work relevant to Renfrewshire’s Ethnic Community throughout the year.

The Steering Group is currently made up of; leading cultural organisations, community members, third sector organisations and academic partners from across Renfrewshire. Members include Engage Renfrewshire, Jambo! Radio, Pachedu, University West of Scotland, Action for Culture and Ethics, The School of African Culture, Inspiring Families and Renfrewshire Leisure’s Cultural Services.

This year’s programme is themed on ‘Connection’ and focuses on community cohesion. The online cultural programme features: music, film, food workshops, a photography competition, storytelling and community partnership programmes which have refugees and community cohesion as the centre focus.

Our full programme can also be accessed on the Refugee Festival Scotland website.


Cultural Cafe - Storytelling session with Tawona Sithole in Partnership with Pachedu's Cultural Café. Wed 16 June, 7pm.


Photography Competition -  we are holding a Photography competition for people of all ages from across Scotland. Entries by 17 June, 5pm.

musicians in exile

Musicians in Exile - Always on the Move - As asylum seeking and refugee musicians, our new film explores the journey of how we made music through lockdown. Thurs 17 June, 7pm.

Jambo Radio - Musicians from refugee communities in Glasgow and Renfrewshire perform at Jambo! Radio social distancing studio. Fri 18 & Sat 19 June, 5pm - 8pm. 

food workshop

Sharing Food Experiences Workshop - A creative workshop lead by poet Sean Wai Keung on food and poetry. Bring along a photo, recipe or an idea about food that means something to you. Workshop via Zoom, Tickets hereSat 19 June, 2pm.


Pen Pal Project - connects children from Renfrewshire's School of African Cultures and children from migrant communities from across Scotland.

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