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How does it work?

The Renfrewshire Schools Climbing Competition is about encouraging climbing as a competitive sport and developing the Schools competition calendar for 2017. This event is being run both as a regional schools competition but also in partnership with Climb Scotland for the Scottish Schools Climbing competition which starts in Septermber. The event runs on similar lines to the Leading Ladder and entry to the competition is free but competitors must be competing on behalf of their school.

Entry to competition: Any person enrolled in a Renfrewshire school can take part on behalf of their school. Entry to the competition is free and all equipment is supplied. This could be as an individual or as part of an instructed group. Simply register with donnie Wood Schools competitions officer and come along to the Beild Hall, Broomlands St, Paisley PA1 2NP.

Routes: Each wall has set specific routes for the competition. Their grades will range between F4, F5, F6a, F6b, F6c and 7b. Each climber must complete 4 routes at 4 different grades assigned to their age category. See the SSCC Regulations for the list of routes to be completed. The routes will be bottom roped. Children aged 9 -18 can take part. Climbers may choose their own belayers as long as they are competent.

The competition categories are:

Bottom Rope

Female & Male

4 Age Categories: Youth A (P6-P7)/ Youth B (S1-S2) Youth C (S3-S4)/ Youth D (S5-S6)

Scoring: Will be done by staff and peers on the day and all decisions will be final.


Scott MacDonald for more details.


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