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You think you'll go first. You're relying on going first. But when the unthinkable happens and you're left alone with no-one to bitch to. How do you cope?  Especially, when the Council insist on sending a carer and you do not need a carer. What you do need is a bit of attention. You need an audience. So, come and spend some time with 83 year-old Johnny MacKay, the oldest “boy” in town, as he mooches around the basement of his old Victorian house in Mansionhouse Terrace, cursing his partner Hector, former Registrar of Renfrewshire, and plotting his future – complete with ladders, energy-saving lightbulbs and the combined forces of Renfrewshire's emergency services.

Recorded at Rockvilla, National Theatre of Scotland, Glasgow, March 2021.

Directed by Mary McCluskey, designed by Kenny Miller, filmed by Jamie Wardrop, produced by Outspoken Arts Scotland

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