Community Sport Hubs



Community Sport Hubs focus on the clubs and other local organisations that want to work together to improve the sports offered in their local community.

A community sport hub is focused in the clubs around a local community The Hub is essentially a collective of progressive sport clubs working together. Essentially they are a home for sport.

Each community sport hub is unique but the common thread is that each works to the following key principles:

  • Growth in participation
  • Engage the local community
  • Promote community leadership
  • Offer a range of sporting opportunities
  • Bring all appropriate (key) partners/groups/people together

Each community sport hub develops their own vision and values to ensure all involved are clear on the work they will do together, which detailed in a simple, clear plan to improve sport on offer.


For new applicant clubs/organisations, please note the following CSH application deadline dates for 2018-19:

  • Q1: April to June 2018 - 24th June 2018 (panel meeting 27th June 2018)
  • Q2: July to September 2018 - 23rd September 2018 (panel meeting 18th September 2018)
  • Q3: October to December 2018 - 9th December 2018 (panel meeting 11th December 2018)
  • Q4: January to March 2019 - 10th March 2019 (panel meeting 12th March 2018)

Following the above deadlines and subject to application, new applicant clubs/organisations will be advised and directed as appropriate to a designated CSH as determined by the Sports Services CSH Working Group at a panel meeting(s). 

For further information contact:

Sports Services

Jim Blythe
Regional Sports Coordinator
(CSH Executive Steering Group)
0141 618 4306
07786 027 792

Scott Graham
Active Schools & Community Club Development Officer
(Linwood, Johnstone & Gryffe CSH)
0141 618 7165
07786 171 177

Holly Aiken
Active Schools & Community Club Development Officer
(Paisley East CSH)
0141 889 3484
07980 949 307

David Rose
Active Schools & Community Club Development Officer
(Paisley West CSH)
0141 887 5201
07506 993 513

Fraser Buchan
Active Schools & Community Club Development Officer
(Park Mains CSH)
0141 618 7962
07917 040 833

Donnie Wood
Active Schools & Community Club Development Officer
(Renfrew & Gallowhill CSH)
0141 618 7859
07506 935 571

Sports Services, KGV Pavilion, Dean Park Road, Renfrew, PA40AJ,



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