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School Sport


School Clubs

Active Schools is an initiative to encourage physical activity and sport for all young people in Renfrewshire. It is designed to increase the number of quality opportunities available for school pupils to participate at recreational, competitive and community sport and physical activity. A team have been appointed with responsibility to put in place and drive forward a range of planned activities in both school and community settings. The objectives of the initiative are:

  • to increase physical activity levels among school-aged children in general with a focus on girls, women, young people from ethnic minority backgrounds, young people with physical and learning disabilities, and young people in areas of socio-economic disadvantage
  • to improve the motivation and attitude of children and young people and to help increase their achievement potential within school and community life
  • to increase levels of sports participation in both formal and informal community settings
  • to increase the numbers of young people acting as sports leaders, coaches and volunteers in community settings


School Club Links

Why should clubs develop links with schools?

Establishing School–Club links gives young people the opportunity to continue participating in worthwhile sporting and physical activity throughout their lives.  It allows youngsters to make the most of their experiences in both settings, to try out new sports, feel comfortable in a club setting and as a result makes them more likely to continue participating once they leave school.

Schools and clubs can work together to promote local sporting opportunities much more effectively. Most communities do not know what clubs are in their area  - personal contact is the best ways to promote your club. Youngsters are more likely to get involved if they know what they’re dealing with– if they have already seen club coaches in the familiar surroundings of their school they are more likely to attend the club

The benefits of developing a school–club link
Creating partnerships between schools and clubs helps to create continuity between school sports and sport in the wider community. 

Benefits for the school:

  • Specialist coaching to complement and support the teaching programme 
  • Clear pathways/ exit routes for children to continue participating in sport outside of school 
  • Wider range of sports available for pupils 
  • Improved performance and sporting success 
  • Access to better facilities 
  • Increase in the number of school children keeping active, fit and healthy 
  • Contribute to a young person’s health & wellbeing 
  • Raise the school profile 
  • Positive sporting and community image 

 Benefits for the club:

  • Raise the club profile 
  • Boost junior membership 
  • Potential new income
  • New opportunities for children to develop through ‘your’ sport 
  • Potential to share resources; equipment, facilities, coaching expertise 
  • Access to additional facilities
  • Coach and Volunteer Development


Sport Festivals

Throughout each school year pupils will have the opportunity to attend extracurricular clubs organised by the sports services team. At the end of each term a series of festivals will occur allowing pupils the opportunity to showcase the skills they have learned. Our festivals range from 50 – 150 pupils depending on the sport and are staffed by our qualified volunteers. Festivals are scheduled for October, December, March and June and will involve sports such as Badminton, Hockey, Rugby, Basketball, Netball and Tennis.


Sport Events

Throughout the year the Sport Services Team hosts events that allow the pupils of Renfrewshire the chance to compete regionally against pupils from other schools.

  • Cross Country (Primary & Secondary )
  • Road Race (Primary & Secondary )
  • Primary Track and Field
  • Secondary Track and Field
  • Secondary Games
  • Primary Games
  • Special Games ASN
  • Inter Authority Games

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