I’ve been a member of Renfrewshire Leisure for over 6 years, and over those years, like many other people, I’ve gone through periods of exercising and trying to lose weight and then given up, repeating the cycle over and over again. This time around, I’m determined to make it work for me. I’m pushing myself harder than ever and that’s due to the gym staff’s efforts to push me past the psychological barriers and negativity that’s been holding me back for too long.

One major goal I had was to lose weight to be bridesmaid at my cousins wedding last October. I also wanted to tone up my arms to feel comfortable wearing my strapless bridesmaids dress. Two things played a major part in helping me achieve these goals – circuit training at Stuart’s classes and Personal Training Sessions with Alexis.


I never thought in a million years when I started at the gym that I’d be able to go to a circuits class, never mind hold my own at it – even with the boys! Additionally, Personal Training Sessions allowed me to try out new things, understand more about how my body performs and improves through different exercises, and just simply, how much I was capable of. Part of my PT sessions has been boxing, and the mental and physical benefits of this have made it a definite favourite part of my weekly routine.

I’m delighted to have lost 4 stone and had toned arms for my cousins wedding! I’ve also made a great network of friends through Renfrewshire Leisure, and am always happy to see a friendly face at classes or in the gym. My next goal is to take part in a 10K run, something I’ve never quite got round to doing, but something I know that Stuart and Alexis will support me in achieving. 

Their enthusiasm, commitment and determination to help others achieve their goals is an inspiration and is most definitely the reason that I enjoy being at the gym and look forward to my training sessions. They provide the strength and positivity that I don’t always have in me. I always leave a session feeling proud of what I’ve achieved and having had some fun along the way. I know that when I achieve my ultimate weight and fitness goals, I will be thanking Stuart and Alexis for being beside me along the way and for encouraging me when I found it tough.
Kay Mathieson

I trained with Alayna over a period of 7 months last year, and had fantastic results! I struggled with my weight all my life, and I often tried fad diets which would result in me losing weight for a short period, but then putting on even more weight afterwards! My weight would fluctuate between 13-16 stone, and I could never keep it steady. Through Alayna’s encouragement, enthusiasm, knowledge, and belief in me, I am now a healthy 9 stone, and have been since we finished training sessions last November! Alayna worked on a series of specialised training methods with me, and explained what we were doing & why, so I could understand what I was trying to do. She also made me write up my weekly food/drink intake and studied it for me so she could write me up a specialised diet plan.

The diet plan helped me get my eating into perspective, and ensured I ate regularly so I wasn’t going hungry and it helped to speed up my metabolism. I thoroughly enjoyed my training sessions, and feel it gave me the push to do something about my weight. The main benefit of the training sessions with Alayna, is that she actually coached me on why we did certain things & explained everything to me, therefore I can now maintain a healthy lifestyle with my diet & exercise myself. I couldn’t have done it without her help & encouragement!
Debbie King


Personal training has kept me motivated and allowed me to try a variety of different types of training I would not have done otherwise. Seeing a personal trainer regularly has encouraged me to continue working toward losing weight and I have changed my body shape drastically.


I started Personal Training after I suffered an injury to my knee through running. The injury to my knee had also weakened my back. This injury had ruled out most exercise. When I got the all clear to start working out again I was naturally cautious. I needed to build up the stability in my knee and strengthen my back but was concerned that I might do the wrong thing if left to my own devices. After 3 months of personal training I am now back running with no side effects. My back and core are much stronger as a result of the programme Alexis has put in place. I have also lost 7lbs in the process. Still rubbish at press ups though - although that not be the case for very much longer if Alexis has her way!
Pauline Boyne


Personal training not only helped me to lose over 2 stone in weight and take 11 minutes off my 10k personal best but it changed my life. I now feel physically and mentally strong enough to achieve any future goals I set myself.
Stephanie Purvis


I have had Alexis as my personal trainer for about six weeks now!!! I have not only increased my overall fitness I have also lost 8 lbs in weight and I have dropped a dress size. I am going to continue with Alexis till I reach my goal. I look forward to my sessions twice a week. Everytime they get harder and harder, but I still come back.
Tracy Bray


When I first made the decision to sign up for a personal trainer I was embarrassed about my size and fitness level.  I did not need to worry as Scott was non-judgemental and totally focussed on what I was capable of doing.  Every session was thought out beforehand and tailored according to my progression and I was never made to feel that it was just a general session.  As a personal trainer Scott was motivational both during sessions and also when I came to the gym to workout on my own.  I have to date lost 4.5 stones and I am still a regular at the gym as Scott gave me the confidence and know how to continue improving my health and fitness.


I enjoy having Scott as my Personal Trainer.  I am one of those people that starts something and gets fed up half way through and decides that they have had enough and wants to pack it in.  Scott knows how far to push me and I have now had 3 blocks of sessions and my husband cannot believe the change and fitness in me.


Scott is the best!  I have now run six 10k races and I would never have done them if it wasn’t for you. Thank You


I have been training with Jennifer for over a year now. She keeps things interesting for me and is always trying new things as she knows I become bored quite easily. She sets me realistic goals and helps every step of the way.

This summer I did the 5K and 10K and next year I plan to do a ½ marathon, but only with Jennifers help who made contemplate I could do it although I thought I couldn’t. She even ran the 10km with me. I find my hour is over in no time because she gets me to work really hard whilst being very enjoyable. She always has a positive attitude even if I don’t, which helps when trying to reach my goal.


When I first started at Linwood gym, Tom was the instructor who took me for my induction. During my induction I found Tom to be very easy going, understanding and more than willing to help me set and achieve goals in the gym.

Tom offered to make me a programme to follow which set goals for me to achieve. I feel this helped me try to better my performance. After several programmes Tom suggested some personal training sessions which helped me massively. The one on one made me realise I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough and I found my goals changed and decided to concentrate more on weight training than cardio. The sessions were hard work but well worth it, as it has helped my training greatly.

After training at Linwood for nearly two years I have become really good friends with Tom and still train with him in the gym. I would recommend Tom to any new comer as he has been a great help. Thanks to Tom I really enjoy training now and it is such a huge part of my life.
Andy Griffin


I have been a fitness enthusiast for over 30 years and have been active and involved in sports my entire life. I have been a member of several gyms in the area. I have been a member of Renfrewshire Leisure since 2006 and use the gym at Linwood on a regular basis. I can honestly say that I can’t see myself moving on to another.

The staff are the most knowledgeable, friendly and efficient that I have ever come across in all the years of gym membership that I have been involved in.  The level of encouragement and motivation received from the staff, especially Stuart and Davie are second to none.  They are always available for advice and in relation to everything from diet to injury and you are always encouraged to try something new.

I have received excellent customer service from the reception staff to membership admin staff. They are all qualified professional people who have provided me with constant support no matter what the issue.

The clientele are also a good mix of ages and experience.  They are also the most friendly group of people I have met in a gym environment.  The gym at Linwood is a pleasure to frequent and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to join a gym whether a first timer or experienced fitness enthusiast.
Al Brown


With the right words of encourage, through to his great direction during exercise. Chris has great knowledge and healthy lifestyle awareness. He has given great confidence and an understanding at a personnel level of exercise, diet and human anatomy.

All these area have been greatly improved by working with Chris.

  • Energy levels raised
  • Strength
  • Sleep Pattern
  • Health

Douglas Burns

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