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Artist in Lockdown - Flesh by Kirsty May Hamilton

Flesh invites the audience to tour the prototype of a new world. In this sci-fi fable, female vessels are commodified as reproductive labourers, producing children artificially and thus sin-free. Fragments of live art, video artistry and spoken word are entwined in this digital adaptation of feminist speculative fiction.
Warning video conatins, nudity, blood, raw meat and language that some people may find offensive.


Artist in Lockdown - Ornamental by Kick the Door

Kick the door presents Ornamental, short new musical, exploring relationships and how we reconcile the past to move forward with our future. 

A couple navigate the fragility of their relationship when one partner refuses to throw out a memento of a past relationship 


Artist in Lockdown: Unexpected Item 

UNEXPECTED ITEM is a short performance film by three Scottish artists. Performance/dance artist and creator Suzi Cunningham, Performer and theatre-maker Dylan Read and Experimental vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Bell Lungs.

A bewildered meeting. An unusual encounter. Disruption to business-as-usual.

UNEXPECTED ITEM deals with themes of connection and resistance, and celebrates latent energy through humour, physical commitment and subversion.


Going In | Going Out

For audio only please visit GOING IN | GOING OUT is an audio performance for the radio and a shared dance across many households. Streamed or downloaded and played through speakers, this performance invites listeners to participate from their own homes and be gently guided through relaxation and movement. Using field recordings, words and original music to immerse the listener in sound and quiet the clutter of everyday life; listeners are invited to take a moment to pause, to connect with their bodies and memories and to move with others in a shared moment in time. GOING IN | GOING OUT contemplates the body as a site for memory and bodies as a shared site for choreography across time and place.

Audience Instructions/Access Information:

To experience this performance:

Press play or follow the link to Sound Cloud

  1. Find a comfortable place in your home or residence to begin from
  2. Press PLAY and adjust the volume
  3. Dedicate the next 30 mins to connecting with your body, surroundings and memories to a soundtrack of original music, field recordings and spoken invitations.

This audio performance is for audiences who are at home or indoors. It can be experienced seated, lying down or as an invitation for movement.

Creative Team & Credits

Conceived and Created by Laura Fisher, Original Music by Sonia Killmann, Sound Design by Sonia Killmann, Narration by Laura Fisher, Produced with support from Future Paisley and Renfrewshire Leisure


Drowning Series

Drowning is a series of short audio plays exploring computational control and digital power.

Hidden behind ones and zeros, a digital revolution is creating an automated society where our lives are increasingly guided by computer algorithms. These mathematical formulas supply us 24/7 with a smooth reality; filtering our Internet searches, matching us with partners through online dating, making stock market transactions, mapping our movements to offer the quickest route, diagnosing our illnesses, predicting our desires while searching for signs of suspicious behaviour. But what happens when the systems we depend on begin to rule our lives?

Supported by Curve Theatre, Birmingham University and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). Written by Amanda Fromell, the series was recorded between 2017 and 2018 at Leicester Curve Theatre and was presented in festivals in London, Leicester and Dundee as part of an immersive installation. Featuring: Kirsty Marie Ayers, Katie Burchett, Shea Hall, Tina Harris, Craig Henry, Jenny Hibberd, Alex Lloyd, Drew McKenzie, Sarah Northgraves, Edward Spence, and Sue Whyte 

Going Out | Going In

GOING OUT | GOING IN is an audio performance for headphones and a solo journey through an urban landscape. From an audio track downloaded to a smartphone, the performance asks the listener to put on headphones and take a journey through their local area. With gentle, spoken instructions and an original soundtrack of ambient music, the listener is invited to slow down, observe the streets and buildings around them and be guided by their curiosity on a journey through their city or town.

GOING OUT | GOING IN contemplates the built environments we inhabit and the ways they move us. Audience

Instructions/Information: To best experience this performance:

1. Download or stream this audio track to your smartphone or mp3 device

2. Put on headphones or earphones and adjust the volume

3. Press PLAY and take a journey through your local area to a soundtrack of original music and spoken invitations.

This performance is suitable for individuals who are comfortable moving around outside for 40mins+ Creative Team & Credits Conceived and Created by Laura Fisher Original Music by Sonia Killmann Sound Design by Sonia Killmann Narration by Laura Fisher Produced with support from Future Paisley and Renfrewshire Leisure


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