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Memories of Paisley Town Hall

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Paisley Town Hall will close its doors for 2-3 years at the end of this year for its transformation to begin. The team at Paisley Town Hall have been inviting regulars and visitors to share memories and hopes for the Town Hall.

Paisley Town Hall has fond associations for many people in the community… first gig, first date, graduation, wedding. To keep it alive in hearts and minds while the venue closes for its transformation, we’re inviting locals to share their stories and we’ll post them on this page. Whatever your story – from one-liners to short stories and photos with captions, all contributions welcome!

Simply complete the online form below or why not pop into Paisley Town Hall and leave your thoughts on a postcard (available from the front desk).

If you have any photos you'd like to send please contact

More information about the cultural venues re-development programme can be found here.





Town Hall Memories

Doreen Briggs

Submitted by: Doreen Briggs

My Memories

I remember when I was young singing in the Tannahill Choir in the Paisley Town Hall. We used to practice in the Museum. It would be around the late 1950s. It was a yearly event.

My Hopes

Jennifer McKenzie

Submitted by: Jennifer McKenzie

My Memories

I have so many memories do Paisley Town Hall throughout my childhood & adulthood. The main ones I automatically think of are the annual Renfrew district schools bands and orchestras playing their annual concert here. It was such a huge and important event for us all with schoolchildren, friends and families from all over Renfrew district coming together to watch the concert. Months of practice and the build up to the concerts was enormous & such a special event to be a part of over so many years.

My Hopes

To retain the relaxed and open feel of the place. Hopefully just more modern facilities and access?
Maureen Veitch

Submitted by: Maureen Veitch

My Memories

1974 Went every Wednesday night to pay for my trip to Canada, run by Annie Brown. It was called the Paisley buddies club.

My Hopes

Victer Kelly

Submitted by: Victer Kelly

My Memories

My memories may be more recent than most but they mainly relate to the TEA Dances. When my wife became ill and had to be taken into care I found myself in total isolation. Seeing a Tea Dance andvertised in the Paisley Express and my wife and I loved dancing as that is how we met a long number of years ago I ventured alone to give it a try. I asked ladies for a dance over the course of that afternoon and I then gained a new confidence as a result. 

My Hopes

It is going to be some time before I get back to dancing in the town hall the last one for me being on the 28th of December. Thereafter I hope Renfrewshire Leisure will use the Johnstone town hall and provide us with many more Tea Dances.I hope that the dance floor will be retained or improved if necessary although it is really excellent a the moment.
Mrs. A. James

Submitted by: Mrs. A. James

My Memories

My husband and I held our wedding reception in The Logia Suite on Saturday 5th June 1971 at which everyone had a lovely time. This means that when Paisley Town Hall re-opens in 2021 we will be celebrating our Golden Wedding.

My Hopes

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