Very Mild Peril

When: Wednesday 8 April 2020 14:00:00
Where: Johnstone Town Hall

Towers might fall, eggs could smash, marbles will roll…but disaster can be avoided, with your help! Very Mild Peril is a series of playful, interactive stories told without words, for minor and major thrill-seeks of all ages.

If you like to whoop, if you have ever hollered, if you are prone to gasp, and especially, if you like to laugh, please accept our invitation to a world of Very Mild Peril...where one false move could cause a series of very mild disasters.

This show uses visual, non-verbal communication, so is suitable for both D/deaf and hearing audiences.

Part of the Puppet Animation Festival!

£5 + bkg fee* 

Ages 4+

Johnstone Town Hall
25 Church Street Johnstone

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