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You can weave!

Use our new videos to learn how.

'We are Weavers' is a new project using our brand-new learning resource of videos and pdfs teaching you how to weave on a cardboard loom or frame loom.

You’ll find instructions on how to weave lots of different patterns and even how to make your own loom from cardboard. Did you know you can weave with yarn you've made by recycling old clothes or plastic bags?

You will also find a worksheet to match each video which you can view on screen or print off.


Click a link to watch a video

1 Looms and Tools

2 Fabrics and Materials

3 Preparing the loom for weaving

4 Make a cardboard loom

5 Plain Weave

6 Hopsack

7 Pick and Pick

8 2/2 Twill

9 3/1 Twill

10 1/3 Twill

11 Herringbone

12 Experimental Weaving

13 Taking Weave off the Loom



PDF worksheets

looms and tools

Fabrics and Materials

Preparing the loom

make cardboard loom

Plain Weave


Pick and Pick

2/2 twill

3/1 Twill

1/3 twill


Experimental Weave

taking the weave off


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