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“Well-being can be understood as how we feel and how we function, both on a personal and a
social level, and how we evaluate our lives as a whole.”

Our opportunities aim to improve the wellbeing of individuals and local communities.

Our programmes aim to increase participation in a range of activities: sport and physical activity; culture and the arts; social action; volunteering.

This participation leads people to develop and realise their potential, work productively and creatively, and build relationships.

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There are many barriers to people getting involved – financial, psychological, geographical, lack of opportunities or because they feel life’s struggles simply make it too hard. This has a negative impact on our sense of happiness and our ability to be the person we want to be. Our programmes aim to overcome these barriers, creating new opportunities and empowering people to get out, be involved and feel better.

Health & Well-being

Mental Health - Exercise

Physical Activity is a proven way to keep mentally well.  Regular exercise helps us to relax, deal with stress and is particularly helpful in dealing with anxiety and depression.  Try going for a brisk half hour walk every day as an easy starting point.

Live Active

GP exercise referral scheme running throughout Renfrewshire.

The Live Active Scheme is delivered locally by Renfrewshire Leisure. Renfrewshire Leisure has three fully trained counsellors in operation throughout the area that will arrange one to one consultations and provide support throughout the year to help you make lifestyle changes. These changes can include weight management, healthy eating and physical activity.

To be accepted for the scheme please contact your GP or Practice Nurse.




Renfrewshire Leisure is now accepting self-referrals with immediate effect, on a temporary basis into our Health & Wellbeing services. Anyone, whether a referrer or person wanting to be referred can email with their name, D.O.B and contact number and they’ll be contacted by one of our Health & Wellbeing staff.

Our services include:

  • Advice and support on how to get more active (this can be anything from specific advice around living with a long-term condition to just needing a helping hand to get started)
  • Advice and support on how to eat better
  • Access to a Virtual Physical Activity Offering (including a weekly timetable of Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, NHS Vitality programme which is a range of classes designed for all levels, specifically designed for people living with medical conditions at discounted rates
  • Access to On Demand services of classes at discounted rates
  • Free access to our Macmillan Cancer Support services; including support and opportunities to get more active and an online support group for people affected by cancer.


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