What's Your Goal? To Keep Pushing Myself


At the beginning of 2018, Rachael Marriott set herself the goal of maintaining a more active lifestyle than she had in 2017.

For many people, the motivation they feel to get to the gym in January often fades away as the weeks go by.  This is exactly what Rachael is determined to avoid this year.

Rachael said, “In the past, I have often started going to the gym for a few weeks but then stopped without making much progress.  This year I am determined to stick at it and that’s one of the main reasons I have started working with a personal trainer.”

Rachael started training with Carol Graham at Erskine Community Sports Centre in order to give her the added motivation and support to keep pushing herself.

She said, “Having someone else pushing me on a weekly basis has been a massive help.  Her expectations for me also mean I work harder to make sure I don’t let her down.  This has given me the added drive that previously I have been lacking.”

The new weekly training routine involves two half hour personal training sessions with Carol, as well as a Kettlebells class on a Wednesday, Body Combat on a Friday night and two other classes on a Sunday. 

On top of this, Rachael also tries to make extra classes when possible throughout the week.  In the near future, she is looking to start attending circuits and bootcamp classes.

Rachael said, “I’ve only been using a personal trainer for a couple of months but I already feel much better physically.  I also enjoy attending the classes at Erskine on top of my personal training.

“Carol has really helped me to get the most out of my workouts by showing me how to use the equipment properly and putting me through some HIIT workouts.

“Being able to do half hour sessions has been a great help as I feel I can push myself better in that time than in a full hour where my intensity would drop in the second half of the session.”

As well as trying to stay motivated, Rachael also faces the difficulty of having type 1 diabetes which can have an effect on the duration and intensity of her workouts. 

She said, “Exercising with diabetes can be a struggle sometimes as it can be hard to control your blood sugar after having exercised. My blood sugar will fall during the night, meaning I have to eat carbohydrates to boost them back up, which can interfere with my food plan.

“In the past, that has been a big reason for me giving up on exercising – as it became a cycle of exercising, then eating foods high in carbs, then exercising to burn off the extra I’d eaten.  However, with Carol’s help, I’ve stuck to it this year and I’m learning manage my exercise, diabetes and diet much better.”

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