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Welcome to Renfrewshire Leisure’s new blog!

We at Renfrewshire Leisure have decided to start a blog with the intention to give our customers an insight into different aspects of our business. 

Every two weeks we will be posting a new blog for you to enjoy. The blogs will consist of a variety of topics and will be featuring different parts of RL's services; fitness, sport, arts, museums, libraries and EVE Spa.
The blogs will be written by our knowledgeable staff who would love to share their thoughts and passions about the industry they work in with our customers and also hopefully give you some guidance and information you might find useful.

So sit back and have a read of our first blog and let us know your thoughts Enjoy!

Letters We Leave Behind
Added: 09 May 2019

Fantastic Finds: Henning Mould
Added: 14 July 2017

Fossil Review Part 2 - Devonian Period
Added: 16 September 2016

My Book Bus Journey
Added: 19 August 2016

Perseid Meteor Shower
Added: 05 August 2016

Code Club @ The Skoobmobile
Added: 24 June 2016

A Day On The Skoobmobile
Added: 10 June 2016

Our Active Schools
Added: 27 May 2016

Makeup Tips and Tricks
Added: 16 May 2016

Transit of Mercury
Added: 14 April 2016

Getting Started in the Gym
Added: 30 January 2016

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